Monday, July 20, 2009

"the purpose of life"

Reading it u may think that it is written in those pensive of moods where such thoughts pour all over you but its nothing lyk that, i hope it get through you people out there, one of my first attempts at rhyming words so please have a loose hand if don't find it worth.

Here It goes:-

what is the purpose of life
is it live n let others die ?

our expectations, r too hard to be matched
cause we live in tym where all of our dreams r smashed

we r who being raised by idiot boxes
cause they killed all tigers n foxes

don't you look at us in despise
cause u don't knw wht d hell is in our lives

what is the purpose of life
is it to expect the truth n u ur slf lie?

when ur mind is filled with pressure so high
when u r so scared to let loose n die
when u don't knw on which starnd ur life is hanging
wen u r ready to cut all of dem within a banging

when u waver between life n d death
this is wen you ask your self
what is the purpose of life..!!!
what is the purpose of life..!!!

wen u see the children so small
working so hard to get out the black hole
wen all dis seem to be so ubiquitous
wen u loose all the power to ask who ve put all dis to us

den just ask ur self whats the purpose of life
whats the purpose of life..!!!

don't look at me in disdain
cause i knw smday u gonna refrain

my generation has become so numb
thay just watch all dis as they r dumb

we just stare dumbly into dis empty space
ve'we lost all of our pace

wen we realised that we've reached so far
nt by walkin but by typin it hard

just ask ur self whts the purpose of life..!!

wen u start to realise whts it worth
to love n let urslf be loved

wen u understand the bueaty of being just you
wen u start thinkin that humanity is so impalpable
wen it should all starts and end with love
is all dis so hard to get
but ithink i don't wanna bet

but have you understood purpose of life
've u understood purpose of life ??